RU Digital Ready?

Today, technology training is still very important, as digital technologies continue to change and evolve.

What is less recognised is; upskilling IT professionals to deliver value form digital technologies is a necessity yet remains a significant gap and often overlooked.

Focusing on the technology alone will not deliver digital success, digital innovation or digital value.

It will only deliver new technology.

So, ask yourself one simple question.

RU Digital Ready? … in the context of delivering digital value.

It's an experiment. A global one (hopefully). And it has meaning.

It's an experiment. A global one (hopefully). And it has meaning.      #Cloud #Digital #Ready #Digitaltransformation

Over the coming days, I am reaching out to my entire global network via many channels - email, social, phone (old tech I know), conversation, word-of-mouth etc... - you get the picture.

I would like to know the answer to one simple question. It's not a trick question. It's not a gimmick. It's not a marketing ploy. We don't do those.

I ask you to let me know. Either respond to this post in a comment or contact me via email, phone, social etc. but please let me know.

Also, please share this question with your network. I am genuinely looking for genuine answers... no strings attached. So, I will keep the question simple - let's see what comes back!

Do you believe that you are ready, enabled and educated enough to deal with this new digital world and the effects of digital transformation?

Webinar - Managing The Cloud In The Digital Era

Join Peter Hubbard a Principle ITSM Consultant at Pink Elephant and Mark O'Loughlin the Managing Director of the Cloud Credential Council as we explore how ITSM is affected by cloud computing.

Cloud computing brings many business benefits ranging from increased cost efficiencies, business agility, improved use of resources, reduction of operational issues and capital expense but it also brings many challenges to address. How can ITSM ensure that cloud services are managed and deliver real business benefit for their organisations?

Successful cloud adoption can enhance economic growth and have significant industry impact across the economy, but unsuccessful cloud adoption can open the organisation up to potential data breeches, cloud sprawl and loss of control.

In this webinar Peter and Mark discuss how to avoid the lack of control that blights many cloud adoptions in the digital era.

Watch this playback on-demand now.

DevOps, Dublin Tech Summit and a Panel of Experts

It’s a fantastic day here at the Dublin Tech Summit. The Cloud Credential Council is working from, attending, and moderating a number of events at the Dublin Tech Summit.

Personally, I have the privilege of moderating a panel discussion on the topic of “Productivity and Pragmatic Problem-Solving. Harnessing the Potential of DevOps”.

The panel included the following industry leaders
Jody Bailey Ashley Miller Stella Fau Clarke Mark Kellett

In a twenty-minute session, the panel outlined what DevOps means to their organisations, how DevOps is helping to drive their businesses and their customers business and what challenges organisations can face.

The panel ended the session with some great recommendations including culture change is required, use tools but empower people to change, understand what your customers needs (not what you can deliver).

The feedback from attendees was that the panel discussions were very insightful and informative.

If you are interested in how to bring DevOps into your organisation, or how to develop your people - try the DevOps Quickscan.

The DASA DevOps Competence Quickscan is an innovative approach to validate your readiness to work effectively in a DevOps team. Complete a self-assessment questionnaire.

DevOps Quick Scan


Ever dreamt. Ever woke. No matter. Try again. Dream again. Dream better

I have slipped into dream mode. Not sleep dreams but dream mode where ideas are born. Where the innovation happens... and it's happening right now...the idea is big, It's bold, and it's brave. But above all it's plain simple - like most great ideas. I'm now excited about the potential.    

Ever dreamt. Ever woke. No matter. Try again. Dream again. Dream better.

Internet of Things Foundation (Vendor Neutral) - Product Launch. Thursday 22nd February

Internet of Things Foundation (Vendor Neutral) - Product Launch

We are almost there. After all the hard work in bringing Internet of Things Foundation to life (with many thanks to all who worked so hard on this) we are launching on Thursday 22nd February. Did I say I am excited - I did!!

Register here for Thursdays Webinar


I'm excited (again). Internet of Things (IoT) Launch

I'm excited (again). Finished a prep call for next weeks IoT launch by Cloud Credential Council. It's going to be good. When you look at Internet of Things #IoT at the moment the opportunities and potential from IoT are amazing and so much yet to be unlocked or even identified. This is the exciting part ...The learning, the unknown, the opportunity, the failures and then the successes. 

Launch details are being sent out. Will send more details myself shortly.

The CounterCULTURE of DevOps

The last number of years has seen an explosion in the popularity and adoption of the DevOps movement and its ways. I have had various dealings with 'things of a DevOps nature' through a number of different opportunities, channels and requests.

One thing which has always struck me is how challenging it can be, and still is, for organisations to adopt DevOps ways into their work practices. Some commentators I come across claim this is madness and DevOps just works for all organisations, large and small. it just makes sense, it delivers real value and ... (so forth). 

I agree with all of the benefits of DevOps. I agree organisations need to look at DevOps and see where it will (not can) add value. I will not argue against that. However, I also see many organisations struggling to adopt DevOps and adapt current ways of working to fit the ways / principles / philosophies / cultural aspects of DevOps. In other cases I see DevOps in use - but in an isolated manner, not integrated into the end-to-end IT workings. So not true DevOps in-place. Perhaps more of a DevAgile-With-The-Same-Old-Ops kind of approach. 

Anyway - back to organisations struggling to adopt DevOps. Are these organisations becoming the CounterCULTURE of DevOps? Why not, what with the rise of DevOps and ongoing relegation of lower velocity IT organisations. 

Posting initial thoughts for now- I will come back to The CounterCULTURE of DevOps shortly.

I am taking a day off. Kind-of. More like a day out to meet The Rebels, I think.

Wow. It has been a busy start to the year, and a very busy start to my work as Managing Director at the Cloud Credential Council (CCC).  Meeting and talking with the global team and our customers has already provided valuable feedback and inspiration.  More on all this another day.

In other news - I am taking a day off. Kind-of. More like a day out I think.  

Recently Emma Bergin, Conference Director for the UCC Commerce Society, got in touch to invite me to speak at this year’s conference.

First off, to provide some secrets of success (now where did I hide those).

Secondly, to provide relevancy regarding this new cloud and digital enabled world which our bright future graduates should / need to consider - in their own words ‘As business students, we are aware that high levels of proficiency in technology are becoming less of an extra skill and more of a necessity to succeed.’

I am told with great authority that the conference has, for some time, been regarded as one of the best student led Business Conferences in Ireland. The exceptional calibre of past speakers who have addressed the event include Eamonn Quinn, Investor on RTE’s Dragon’s Den; Patrick Coveney, CEO of Greencore; Kenny Jacobs, CMO of Ryanair, Deirdre Somers, Chief Exec of the ISE, and Gina London, Emmy winning CNN veteran anchor and keynote speaker, to name a few. 

Event details.


On the 8th of February 2018, the UCC Commerce Society is hosting its 36th Annual Business Conference in Vertigo, Floor 17 of Cork County Hall. The theme of the conference this year is 'Secrets Of Success'. Every year, across Ireland, many students graduate with BComm or other business degrees. However, only a select few will make it to the top! As students, we are all aspiring to achieve success- whatever form it may take. We would be honoured to hear your “Secrets Of Success”. 

So, I am taking a day off. Kind-of. More like a day out to meet and talk with the future graduates who help underpin the success of this country, business friends and acquaintances and also academics from UCC.

Looking forward to meeting everyone in The Rebel county next week.  I am both honoured and privileged.

Cloud Credential Council (CCC) Appoints Mark O'Loughlin as New Managing Director

I am very excited to share this news and to take on the role of MD at the Cloud Credential Council (CCC). Read below for more details. 


The Board of Directors of the Cloud Credential Council (CCC) is pleased to announce the appointment of Mark O’Loughlin as Managing Director, effective immediately.


Mark O’Loughlin brings 20 years’ experience in the IT industry to the CCC, most recently as Managing Director of consulting firm Red Circle Strategies and previously as Head of Advisory, Consulting, and Training with a focus on business development, sales, marketing, service delivery and customer service.


“I am delighted to join the executive leadership team at the CCC. I look forward to driving and expanding the CCC’s global portfolio of vendor-neutral training and educational products, examinations and certifications while supporting our extensive global partner and client network. I am also looking forward to driving innovations into the marketplace through the CCC, and expanding how the CCC can help organizations succeed in delivering their business goals by using the latest digital capabilities, emerging technologies and new-world thinking” says O’Loughlin.


O’Loughlin is a recognized industry leader in the field of IT management and cloud computing. He is the Founder and Managing Director of Red Circle Strategies which specializes in providing advisory, consulting, training and management services to business and IT organizations, with a focus on innovation and embracing digital disruption.


Author of two books, O’Loughlin has written ‘Professional Cloud Service Manager (PCSM),’ one of the core certifications provided by the CCC and ‘The Service Catalog’ published as part of the ITSM Best-Practice library. Mark is a professional keynote speaker, regularly asked to speak at conferences and events.  Mark is a former director at itSMF Ireland, a Fellow of the Irish Computer Society (FICS) and was one of the first people to be globally awarded the ITIL® Master accreditation.


Sukhbir Jasuja, Chairman, CCC and CEO, ITpreneurs, commented “Mark brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the CCC. His appointment reflects the ambition of the Board of the CCC to grow our portfolio and support our partners and customer community. On behalf of the Board, I am delighted to welcome Mark to the CCC.”


...And some thoughts...